Sunday 25 June
Trinity 2
Masses at 9am and 11am

Tuesday 27 June
Alexander Jolly
Mass at 7pm
Born in Stonehaven in 1756, Alexander
Jolly was educated at Aberdeen, ordained
in Peterhead and sent to minister at Turriff.
After almost twelve years he moved to Fraserburgh,
where he spent the rest of his life.
A man of great learning and deep personal
devotion, he was consecrated in 1796 as coadjutor
to Bishop Macfarlane, who had superintendence
of Moray, Ross, Caithness
and Argyll. When Caithness was disjoined
in 1789, Jolly was elected as diocesan
Bishop of Moray. His wisdom guided the
church through the years that followed the
repeal of the Penal Laws, and his learning
and saintly life brought prestige to the
church he loved. He died in 1838.

Wednesday 28 June
St. Irenaeus of Lyons
Mass at 10am
Born at Smyrna about 130, Irenaeus was a
disciple of StPolycarp, bishop of Smyrna
and successor of St John. Irenaeus studied
at Rome and was a priest at Lyons in modern-
day France at the time of the great persecution
there. He became bishop of the
city in 177 when the previous bishop was
martyred. Irenaeus is known as the first
great catholic theologian. He was a powerful
defender of the full humanity of the Incarnate
Christ against the heresy of the
Gnostics. He died (perhaps martyred)
about the year 200.

Thursday 29 June
Ss. Peter & Paul
Mass at 7pm
St Peter and St Paul have been remembered
jointly on this day since the very early days
of the Church, it being regarded as the anniversary
of their martyrdom in Rome in
about the year 64.



Sun., 2 July: Trinity 3: Masses at 9AM &11AM; EP at 5 PM

Mon., 3 July: St. Thomas: Mass at 7 PM
Nothing is known for certain about the life
of St Thomas, apart from the Gospel account.
Tradition holds that he preached the
gospel in India and died there.

Tues., 4 July: Feria: Mass at 7 PM

Wed., 5 July: Feria: Mass at 10 AM

Sun., 9 July: Trinity 4: Masses at 9AM &11AM; EP at 5 PM

Tues., 11 July: St. Benedict: Mass at 7 PM
Benedict was born at Nursia in Umbria in
480. He studied in Rome, and then he
turned his back on the world and lived in
solitude in Subiaco. Disciples came to him,
and he went to Monte Cassino, where he
founded a monastery. He wrote his ‘Rule’,
which established the spirituality and way
of life of monastic communities ever since.
He died in 547.

Wed., 12 July: St. Drostan: Mass at 10 AM
Little is known of Drostan. He is said to
have been of royal descent, a nephew or
companion of Columba, with whom he visited
Buchan, and who left him in charge of
the new monastic foundation at Deer; but
his name suggests that he was of Pictish
origin. His name occurs in many dedications
in the north-east of Scotland.

Sun., 16 July: Trinity 5: Masses at 9AM &11AM; EP at 5 PM

Tues., 18 July: Feria: Mass at 7 PM

Wed., 19 July: Feria: Mass at 10 AM

Sat., 22 July: St. Mary Magdalene: Mass at 11 AM
Mary Magdalene was one of Jesus’ followers,
accompanying Him on His journeys
through the villages preaching (Luke 8:3),
and she stood by the Cross. Mark 16:9 tells
us that Mary was the first to whom the
Risen Christ appeared.

Sun., 23 July: Trinity 6: Masses at 9AM &11AM; EP at 5 PM

Tues., 25 July: St. James: Mass at 7 PM
James was the brother of St John the Apostle,
son of Zebedee, the fisherman. He was
present at the raising of Jairus’ daughter
and at the Transfiguration of the Lord. He
was beheaded by Herod Agrippa in about
the year 42 – the first of the apostolic band
to be martyred.

Wed., 26 July: SS. Joachim & Anna: Mass at 10 AM
These names are given to the father and
mother of the Blessed Virgin by a tradition
dating back to the second century. As St
John Damascene wrote: ‘O blessed couple!
All creation is in your debt. For through
you is presented the noblest of gifts to the
creator, namely a spotless mother who
alone was worthy for the creator.’

Sun., 30 July: Trinity 7: Masses at 9AM &11AM; EP at 5 PM



Sun., 6 Aug.: The Transfiguration: Masses at 9AM &11AM; EP at 5 PM

Tues., 8 Aug.: St. Dominic: Mass at 7 PM

Wed., 9 Aug.: John Mason Neale: Mass at 10 AM

Sun., 13 Aug.: Trinity 9: Masses at 9AM &11AM; EP at 5 PM

Tues., 15 Aug.: The Assumption: Mass at 7 PM

Wed., 16 Aug.: Mass at 10 AM

Sun., 20 Aug.: Trinity 10: Masses at 9AM &11AM; EP at 5 PM

Tues., 22 Aug.: Feria: Mass at 7 PM

Wed., 23 Aug.: Feria: Mass at 10 AM

Thurs., 24 Aug.: St. Bartholomew: Mass at 7 PM

Sun., 27 Aug.: Trinity 11: Masses at 9AM &11AM; EP at 5 PM

Tues., 29 Aug.: Beheading of St. John the Baptist: Mass at 7 PM

Wed., 30 Aug.: Mass at 10 AM